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The concept of this project is to use frottages to create a new way of collecting images.

By using a frottage as the basis for the images, the same texture can reappear multiple times in one image and form different surreal bodyparts.


What are frottages?

frottage, (French: “rubbing”), in visual arts, technique of obtaining an impression of the surface texture of a material, such as wood, by placing a piece of paper over it and rubbing it with a soft pencil or crayon, as for taking brass rubbings; the name is also applied to the impression so obtained. Frottage was used by Max Ernst and other members of the Surrealist movement, for whom it often provided the starting point for more elaborate compositions such as paintings and collages.



How does it work?

Each and every frottage is unique. Each got its specific name from the real- world object it stems from (e.g. Heater_Pipe, Leaf, Bolt, Snare, Shampoo ...)

These textures have then been used to form multiple body parts and create a surreal being.

However not all frottages repeat as every body part! There are only five textures that repeat throughout.

These textures are: Heater_Pipe, Bed, Snare, Radio and Paper.
Yes you read correctly PAPER. White paper has been used to allow for creatures without eyes, horns or surrounding and so on. This however further creates a unique exception. It is possible to receive a totally white image! This image has the feature that each bodypart consist out of a paper texture, which is just blank paper.

This creates multiple ways of collecting these images.

Ways of collecting:


  1. By feature rarity.
    Remember not all features repeat. Certain traits thus create a rarity.

  2. By the number of repeating textures.
    Here the OGs are really simple to spot. As explained there are five textures that repeat throughout. The OGs are listed below.

  3. By cuteness or other esthetic factors.
    Sometimes other factors create a likeness that affects the heart of a collector more than anything else.

The 5 OGs




The Heater_Pipe OG


The Paper OG


The Snare OG


The Radio OG

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